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I can’t imagine how anyone who reads enough to fancy themselves Book Reviewers could be so small minded, perhaps they’d be better qualified to burn books than to review them. “I liked the plot, but the characters...too many free-thinkers. I’ll have to give this book two upside-down crosses.”

I emailed one of the discriminators directly, to afford her the opportunity to explain her bigoted policy. “Homosexuality is against my religion” she replied. Given the brevity of her five-worded reply I assumed she was more of a reader than a writer, still, I inquired further...

“Thank you for your brief reply,” I replied. “I hadn’t realized you were speaking for religion when you made your discrimination proclamation. While I now understand that religion was the reason here, I also wonder if there weren’t many other things that might have offended a religious book review: there’s breaking commandments (ten of them I think), oh and lust and gluttony and greed and sloth and wrath and envy and pride—the seven cardinal sins. Yet, your review policy doesn’t seem to mention that you wouldn’t read anything from authors who’d committed those transgressions, “No books from proud or greedy or slothful authors,” it didn’t say anything like that. It didn’t even discourage hardcore erotica submissions.

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Rather, it only excluded gay, “Genres Not Accepted: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual.” And this when Gay didn’t even make the cardinal’s list of seven deadly sins.
I was curious why gay was the only sin that an author might commit that would render him unreviewable on your website? Is it possible that you have confused personal prejudice with religious morality. Is there any other possible reason gays would be the only group of sinners that you would professionally shun?”

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