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Dita has been a champion of my vintage couture website, this is an interview she gave me for an article about her that we'll be posting there.



Interviewed by TheFROCK's Christian Madrigal

First photo by Ali Mahdavi for Dita Von Teese Parfums

Dita is one of the rarest forms of celebrity, someone who (in addition to an already legendary career) is most hailed for her unparalleled personal style. The Duchess of Windsor, Mona von Bismark, The Marchesa Luisa Casati, there have been only a well-gloved handful of women in the last century who have been held in such regard. In the modern millennia, Dita has emerged as the newest member of that elite group of stylish women. Dita has been very kind to TheFROCK over the years, now she answers a few of my questions and picks some of her favorite garments from our website.

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