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Six days later I had received no response. Figuring that if God could snap up a universe in that time—surely his zealot could type up a reply in the same stretch, I sent a follow up:

Hello again, just touching base (I haven’t heard back and wanted to make certain you weren’t getting slothful with your email.) Anywho, I wanted you to know there were no hard feelings. I understand the policy isn’t your fault—you only discriminate because your religion tells you to. Just like if I had a new religion... say, one that told me to pee on the pious, or to carefully urinate a big BIGOT onto her front lawn, killing grass and spoiling soil in the shape of the well-deserved word, that you of all people would understand: it wasn’t my fault—my religion made me do it (all is fair in love of gods, right?)

Blind Faithfully Yours,
Church of the Golden Shower



Sadly, still no reply. Honestly, some people are so rude.  

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