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Part of my interview by Sandra Barrera for perspective on vintage couture at the 2008 Oscars.

(First photo, Angelina Jolie, lovely in vintage Valentino, photo from Wikipedia Commons. Subsequent photos of Oscar worthy vintage couture gowns by Mme Grés, Jean Dessés, and Bob Mackie, available at

LA DAILY NEWS feb. 2008

"...the greatest works of the long careers of these juggernauts of couture."

SANDRA BARRERA: I'd like to interview you about vintage couture for our pre-Oscar coverage. The story focuses on the fashion credibility of vintage on the red carpet - even if it's not-so flattering (I'm thinking of the shapeless gown recently worn by Angelina Jolie at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards). I'd be interested in hearing from you about why Hollywood can't seem to get enough of these old gowns, as well as how something seen on the red carpet might be applied to the wardrobe of the everyday woman. For example, does this mean second-hand stores and vintage couture dealers, such as yourself, will be flooded by woman searching for similar styles?

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