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CHRISTIAN MADRIGAL: First, let me express a dispassionate disagreement regarding the "not-so flattering" Angelina Jolie gown. I am a fan of these trapeze silhouettes, especially of the Halston and Valentino variety, and appreciate any time someone makes a red carpet choice to wear something for reasons other than advertising a big bust and little waist. Buying a dress to simply showcase your commitment to the gym is a bit like buying fine art strictly to showcase your new wall color. Of course if reports are true then she may have only opted for this dress to hide a pregnancy, but I'm hopeful that it was actually a loftier decision.

I suspect that Hollywood can't get enough of these old gowns because of the gowns themselves. Adrian, Christian Dior, Jean Desses, Madame Gres, these were some of the most gifted couturiers that have ever been, it stands to reason that any given season of contemporary designs would not be able to rival the greatest works of the long careers of these juggernauts of couture.  Their genius has always been understood, but 15 years ago it would not have been easy to find a purchasable selection of their work. Thankfully the internet has changed that and their works, though still rare, are available and once again in vogue.

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