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Regarding fashioning red carpet style vintage couture to the wardrobe of the everyday woman, I think that depends on her lifestyle. Specifically, if she has occasions to wear formal then it's an easy task. If you're not familiar with vintage options then come to a site like mine—or better yet, mine—and browse the corridors of fine vintage and you'll surely hone in on a style, an era, or a designer that speaks to you.


My only suggestion (if you insist I tell someone how to dress) regards what is, to me, a common mistake made by vintage uber- enthusiasts: don't try to put together several pieces from the same era. You probably don't want to create an era-specific costume with your selections (dress, coat, shoes, bag and hat), and unless you're a style savant like Anna Piaggi or Dita Von Teese you probably can't pull it off. Vintage dresses mix beautifully with contemporary shoes, etc, so don't be seduced by a theme makeover, unless of course that's your thing.

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