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Photo: Dita Von Teese Cardigans, quickly sold out from

had a nice chat, she gave me some smart advice, and that is way more valuable to me, and ok, so there's no "proof", but I know she appreciated not being asked. Once I met Lauren Bacall, and you know, she's one of the last living icons of classic Hollywood, but I wanted to soak up the moment of meeting her, and I tell that story over and over again, in great detail, and it's still a good story, perhaps even better...without pics. People bring up "objectification of women" a lot with me because I perform striptease, but I can honestly say that I only really ever feel objectified when there's a picture taking frenzy, and people stop even saying hello or introducing themselves and just pass their device over to take a picture. At this point I can gauge when it's getting to be too much, and I'm getting short with people, and it's time for me to go home and go to bed, and start fresh with a good attitude. I also find that when I go do something like see a ballet, see my family or read a good book I feel more balanced.


(CTM) There are few humans who have ever had their wardrobes more spectated and speculated by the public than you. I recently wrote an article on Oscar fashion, about celebrity fashion coverage by entertainment news channels, magazines, and bloggers. It was a bit of a rant against the barrage of negativity many celebrities endure about the clothes they wear publicly. The unfortunate effect of that kind of scrutiny makes most celebs dress conservatively, they shrink a bit under the spotlight as if they’re dressing only to avoid magazines’ worst-dressed lists. You however dress for the covers. I think that’s a courageous message to girls who might be afraid to dress beyond their peers. I’ve never read anything negative about your fashion choices, but I wonder how you feel about the sport that modern culture makes of voicing its opinions about how celebrities dress? 


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