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(DVT) I think that the worst part about the criticism of celebrities' fashion is that it's really made everyone scramble to get the best stylists because they're so afraid of what they are going to wear, and being on that worst-dressed list, and that's taken a lot of the fun out of red carpet dressing...and what's the point of fashion if it's not fun? Although everyone looks generally lovely, very few red carpet moments are actually memorable. When I watch something like the Oscars, I can imagine every actress telling her stylist "I want to look like a modern Grace Kelly!" It's rather boring now that it's been done over and over. But I get really excited when I see a celebrity doing things differently. Tilda Swinton is someone I never get tired of seeing on the red carpet, she's ethereal and unique...decidedly NOT trying to look like a "modern Grace Kelly", yet I think that in the grand scope of things fashion-wise, she will have been one of the few that we will actually remember, and truly IS a kind of a modern Grace Kelly, because she isn't trying to be someone else. She reminds me of Marelene Dietrich, in a way, with the way she emulates both glamour and androgyny, and looks polished but seems unaffected by what anyone else thinks. You can feel that there is no desperation for acceptance, that it's easy and effortless because of the confidence of herself as a grown woman who makes her own choices. It's much about the spirit, not the look. Anyone can emulate a look, but to get to the essence of what makes someone memorable, that's more important than just the exterior.


Once I was simultaneously in a US tabloid's worst dressed list and at the same time, in the same dress I was #2 best dressed of the year in French Vogue. That was a major point made to me that you can't seek approval from the masses, that you have to wear what you like. The only thing that is safe from ridicule is mediocrity. In my opinion, few things that exist there at that medium level can make a difference. I like daring, unique things, things that inspire passion, wether it be love or hate. Like Oscar Wilde said, "Everything popular is wrong." This is a sentence I live by, and it keeps me going, keeps me from being distracted by criticism or by people that don't understand what I even do. I've been called beautiful and ugly, talented and untalented, smart and stupid, feminist and anti-feminist, people are inspired and people are offended....all these things in equal measures. It's all a matter of opinion, and fortunately, for me, I notice that the compliments come from the kinds of people I admire and I find to be admirable and chic, and the negativity comes from people that sit around on their computer anonymously and think of nasty things to say about everyone, probably while watching tv. I just keep doing what I do, I don't give up, and I believe in myself. I've been offered a lot of bad advice over the years, and I've looked at who's dishing it out, and then deliberately go against their advice. In my early years, I was told I could "make it" if I went back to my natural blonde, got a little "color" in my skin, wear less makeup, drop the "silly" burlesque act and be an actress or a Playboy Playmate. I'm glad I never listened, having integrity and longtime perseverance has paid off, because against the odds, I get to do what I love and make a living at it.***

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